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The Hawk Unit

The Hawk Unit is an elite group of shape-shifting hunters trained and sworn to carry out Celo's order on earth. Back in Aramith, before the rebellion and the banishment, the Hawk Unit safeguarded the realm and the throne.

The original Unit was led by Helena and Rayon, firstborns of Aramith. Back then, the hawks lived with their hunters. They did not die, but willingly shared their magic so the hunter could shift forms and heal quickly. However, when Helena and Rayon disobeyed Celo's order to strike down Charr and put an end to his rebellion, Celo slaughtered their hawks. When the hawks died, their souls left imprints on the backs of Helena and Rayon. Distraught, Helena and Rayon joined Charr's rebellion against his brother. Unfortunately, Charr the rebellion ended in defeat. Charr's followeres were banished to a mortal life of Earth. Helena and Rayon received a far worse punishment though (which cannot be revealed here because it is a huge spoiler).

While in banishment, descendants of the exiles formed a new Hawk Unit. They acted mostly as guards until Azure began calling hawks from Aramith to bond with the hunters.

Today, the youngest and strongest hunters in the Unit, live and train at a facility in Landon called Compound. Several compounds exist across the world, ensuring Aramithian exiles are protected from exposure.

All hunters report to Azure as he speaks for Celo on Earth. The Commander, Lefu Shaw, was selected by Azure and reports directly to him. He is identified by an emerald pin. A Captain is elected by the Unit in an annual election and is Pinned in a formal ceremony. The ceremony is traditionally followed by a Captain's banquet, which is paid for and hosted by the new Captain. It is a night of excess and revelry. Caution is abandoned and rules are set aside.

Joshua Kaito is the current Captain and wears a ruby pin.

Hunters are typically recruited, but they may also apply to join. Those descended from former hunters are considered legacy recruits, and almost always gain placement. Acceptance is dependent on an exile's gift, intelligence, and high test scores. Few hunters without all three receive placement, but exceptions are made for those who possess other skills (e.g. supernatural strength), or are personally recruited by Azure. In recent years, Duds (ungifted exiles) have been allowed to join. Only one has applied so far.

During the training, each hunter's body is broken repeatedly until their bones soften. This is so hunters can break their bones and heal them at will during shifting. The hawk they are bonded to, share their magic with the hunters as they did back in Aramith. Unlike in Aramith however, doing this causes the hawk to die. Since the hunters are mortal, it requires the entirety of the hawk's life-force to ready each hunter. When the hawks die, they imprint on their hunters. The imprint of a dying soul is called, The Hunter's Mark.

Some hunters develop secondary gifts or enhanced abilities upon their hawk's death.

Hunters also undergo tests that rate their strength, intelligence, mental stability. Depending on their scores, they are then assigned to various roles such as Field Intelligence, Defense, Guard, etc. All hunters, regardless of rank take turns on front desk and office duty. This is so the hunters have a chance to rest.

All hunters wear black, feathered cloaks. The cloaks are like a second skin so many hunters wear them even not hunting. During a hunt, a hunters wears nothing else. Clothes and shoes are made of non-magical fibers and therefore cannot not shift with them. When on a hunt, hunters travel in groups called Kettles. The Unit has three Kettles.

When in hawk form, hunters travel in groups called Kettles. 

Hunters can choose to 'live wild' meaning, they live like Hawks. Very few hunters do this. In hawk form, hunters can also turn off their thoughts and emotions. It helps them to hunt but also makes them unpredictable and harder to command.

Below are the core members of Joshua's kettle: They are the fastest, strongest, and bravest members of the Unit. Some he selected himself, others were selected by Commander Lefu and Azure.


Gift: Hydrokinetic - able to manipulate weather systems



Gift: Pyrokinetic - release fire from her pores



Gift: Eraser - ability to erase thoughts, memories, and personalities with a touch.



Gift: Human compass - can locate any place that's ever been plotted on a map even if she's never seen the map or visited there before.



Gift: Cloaker - ability to disguise himself and his surroundings

Enhanced ability: Sensitive to sound



Gift: Hound - able to track any scent



Gift: Mimic - able to assume the form of anyone or anything she touches



Gift: Frost - able to freeze things by touch


Tag, Charlie

Gift: Dasher - incredible speed



Gift: Howler - produce hurricane force winds with his breath



Gift: Lasik - perfect eye sight

secondary gift: Pyrokinetic - release fire from her pores


Other hunters worth mentioning: These are hunters who feature heavily in The Reluctant Huntress.


Gift: Hyperthymestic - absorbs memories with a touch



Gift: Mimic - able to assume the form of anyone or anything she touches



Gift: None - he is a Dud, and therefore has no magical gift despite having magic in his veins

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